Imoto Yokufa


Mzwandile has been dreaming of getting himself an expensive Mercedes C Class for years. He feels under pressure as his friends have luxury cars. Additionally, there is a lovely young woman at his office that he has fallen for and is trying to impress. He finally decides to get the car through a black market scheme which steals cars specified by their clientele. Mzwandile is happy with his car until he realizes that it belonged to his boss’s wife who was killed in the hijacking that resulted in him getting the car. His guilt and attempt to cover his tracks starts a train of events which lead to the destruction of his world. His attempts to sell the car are frustrated by his lack of paper work, and the syndicate refuses to return his money for the car. In the meantime, he has to witness daily the pain his boss and his children are going through due to the death of his wife. His love interest also asks a lot of questions about the car as she isn’t convinced he can afford it. Eventually his connection to the syndicate is traced and he is charged for being in possession of stolen property and goes to jail.

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