Demon Inside


Evi is a girl of a phenomenal beauty. She regularly consults Dr Kyle, a successful gynaecologist. One day Evi tells him her fantasies and fetish: she always dreamt of making love to a doctor on an examination table. She is innocent and unaware she has aroused the doctor. Day and night, he now cannot help to think about her, especially at night when he is lying next to his boring wife and he imagines her in bed with her boyfriend. Believing the sexual attraction is mutual he starts sending her inappropriate photos on her phone. One day he invites her to his place. He is certain she wants to make love with him. The encounter he thought would be a perfect night ends up as a rape date. Evi then reports the doctor. He loses his license and is sent to jail. Evi is not satisfied though. She still has the Demon inside and won’t rest until it surfaces.

Dans les coulisses