Une Histoire D'amour


Attractive, attractive, passionate; all want to conquer the heart of the very beautiful and famous Dr. Carlos. After a 10-year affair with Sheila, Dr. Carlos finally married Paula, one of his patients with whom he fell in love. Paula has everything she dreamed of; a handsome man and the wedding of her dreams. However, she is extremely jealous and in order not to lose her husband, she fights to keep the flame alive. For her part, Sheila cannot put the past behind her and has trouble forgetting Carlos, especially since they work together. She constantly provokes the anger of her rival. As the war rages between the two women, sweet Helena enters the scene. Because of her daughter Joyce, she meets Dr. Carlos who helps the young girl who decides to keep her lover's baby, supported by her mother, a sweet and emotional woman; exactly the kind of woman Carlos has always wanted..." A love story " which, despite the whims of fortune, two people manage to find love when they least expect it...

Behind the scene