Rose De Feu


Gilda is the wife of Fernando Mayer owner of the Forella empire. They have two sons Miguel and Antonio. When Fernando dies, Gilda takes over the business with the help of her sons. But soon, his son Antonio and his wife died in an accident, leaving their ten-year-old daughter Maria orphaned. Gilda takes over and raises Maria. But years later, Miguel, his other son, died leaving behind his widow Joana and their baby Mathilde. Maria is passionate about dance, she will take over the management of the dance company created by her late mother. When Miguel died, Gilda entrusted the management of Forella to her daughter-in-law Joana and retired with Mathilde, her granddaughter, to her ranch. She leads a peaceful life there until the day when an individual who claims to be Horacio, Gilda's first son, appears. Indeed, 50 years ago, Gilda gave birth to a little boy when she is just a teenager. Under pressure from her parents; she was forced to give the child up for adoption... Who is this man, what are his intentions and what is he threatening or destroying?...

Behind the scene