O Canto Da Sereja


At the peak of her performance in the middle of the carnival, Siren, an incredibly beautiful singer receives a fatal bullet wound. While the whole country is outraged by the crime, the head of security of the artist, Augustão, decides to do everything necessary to find the killer. Siren started her career in bars at the same time she met Oxum's powerful sorceress Marina. As if carried by the benevolent hand of destiny, Siren meets Paulinho, a music producer hypnotized by his beauty. Paulinho joins the businesswoman Mara (Camila Morgado) and the clever marketer Tuta forming a trio to conceive the myth of Siren. Even the legendary governor and candidate for re-election Mr. Jotabê takes advantage of the rise of the girl in his political campaign. Siren acquires fame, fortune and a legion of fans in just two years. Although the trio responsible for his fame exceeds the ethical limits of a professional relationship, Siren knows that she can count on the loyalty of Só Love, her private secretary and faithful assistant, as well as Augustão, her head of security who would risk his life to protect her.

Behind the scene