Melrose Place


4616 Melrose Place is a small California complex of eight apartments with a swimming pool in the centre where a group of thirty-year-olds live. The residence was first managed by Jane and Michael Mancini. It was later bought by Amanda Woodward and her father. Amanda Woodward, is a ruthless, beautiful and ambitious businesswoman. When the conspirator and man-eater blonde arrives, the previously quiet life of the inhabitants of Melrose-Place undergoes great changes. Amanda creates a mess between Alison and Billy, the perfect couple of the first season, then between Jo and Jake in the second season. Over the seasons, the young woman strives to undo all the couples she meets in her path. But Amanda is not the only character to be wary of. Kimberly Shaw (Maria Cross) has only one goal: to delight Dr. Michael Mancini's heart. She will therefore work to break the love triangle formed by Dr. Michael Mancini, his mistress Sydney and his ex-wife Jane and succeed in dating him. But when this one, drunk driving will have a car accident and leave her for dead, it's a furious and desperate Kimberly he'll have to face.

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