Hippos & Tortoise


Many years ago the hippopotamus, was one of the biggest kings on the land; second only to the elephant. The hippo used to give a big feast to the people, but a curious thing was that, although everyone knew the hippo, no one, except his seven wives, knew his name. At one of the feasts, just as the people were about to sit down, the hippo told the people to say his name otherwise they should all go without dinner. As they could not guess his name, they had to go away and leave all the good food behind them. But Mr Tortoise sets up a sneaky trap to find out the secret name of the hippo. At the next feast, Mr Hippo’s name was revealed by Mr Tortoise. For having won the challenge, Mr Tortoise made Mr Hippo and his wives live in water from that day till now; and although they come on shore to feed at night, you never find a hippo on the land in the daytime.

Behind the scene