The plot is about José Alfredo, a boy who leaves Recife in 1989 to find better life in Rio de Janeiro. During his stay in his brother’s house Evaldo, José falls in love with Eliane, a lady who actually is older than him. The lovers escape and decided to live their passion but a tragically accident will tear them apart. Alone, heartbroken, Alfredo who has always come from humble origin, will start to work on the firms industry and will slowly build an empire. Years later, we found a very successful José who decides to marry Marria in order to climb on the social ladder. But José is no more the innocent young man, he uses people in order to get what he wants and needs. After breaking with Maria Martha, she devotes her life to demonize he powerful ex-husband José Business state to be stuck with nothing money forward. But this auditioned to the internal fight of his 3 children and the perpetual quest of his enemy to bring down his empire. This novela has a different theme, and ambiance it deals subtly with fame, entrepreneurship, Famille drama, passion and love.

Behind the scene