Edge Of Desire - Le Prix Du Desir


Winner of the International Emmy Award with "Edge of Desire", Gloria Perez, is here following three courageous women in a story that highlights their common trait: an ability to overcome all obstacles to achieve their goal. Bibi is an ambitious and passionate young woman, who decides to abandon her studies and her love relationship with Caio to start an affair with Rubinho, an ex-student who became a drug trafficker by force of circumstance. Seduced by the power of money and luxury, Bibi saw in Rubinho the means to satisfy his desires for greatness and engaged in illegal activities. She becomes "Dangerous Bibi". Unlike Bibi, Jeiza is an intrepid and courageous woman, a police officer in the Canine Unit whose objective is to fight organized crime. With her oath, Jeiza declared war on Bibi and her companion Rubinho. She makes it a personal matter and will do everything in her power to put them behind bars. This mission is damaging his relationship with Zeca. This young man is an honest truck driver who aspires to a serious and stable relationship after his break-up with Ritinha, a naive young woman from the countryside. Ritinha makes all the men in the region lose their heads not because of her great beauty but because of her open-mindedness. In search of great adventures, she ran away with a young adventurer on the very day of her wedding. But she will soon discover that the life offered by the latter is far from what she expected...

Behind the scene