Champs 12


When they were still young, Charlotte, 12 years old, had been humiliated by Gonzalo, a handsome 15 years old who dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. During a match, he accomplished a challenge by kissing an ugly girl that seems to be Charlotte, after failing to score a goal as conclude in the bet with his friend. Now she is 18 years and she got back to the town after living with her mother in New-York. The young lady is still driving by this past humiliation; she decides that the time has come to take revenge on the boy that once shamed her. The day Charlotte arrives at the soccer club as the new owner, Gonzalo is immediately struck by her, unaware that she is the chubby girl he once humiliated. They fight relentlessly unwilling to acknowledge their growing feeling and the passion they share. Things begin to change when Charlotte’s father is forced to sell the club, which has become, under Charlotte’s rule, a refuge for the fortunate kids of the neighborhood. The new owners want to turn the club into a profitable business, at any cost, and Charlotte and Gonzalo will now have to join hands and face them head on. By fighting a common enemy, they will gradually learn to appreciate and love each other, but most importantly, let go on the past.An exciting telenovelas, filled with love, friendship, music and dance that is sure to make you feel alive kicking!

Behind the scene