A big hacker, whose nickname is Ghost, is actively sought by the French police, for having ripped off more than 3 million euros to private and public structures. This dangerous cybercriminal leaves no trace, the only picture of him is a ghost logo he lets appear among his victims. It turns out that Ghost has already collaborated in the past with Geraud currently in prison in Ivory Coast. Also, the French and Ivorian police forces Geraud to establish contact with Ghost in exchange for his freedom. Geraud agrees only if he comes to France with Cynthia. Deschamps, who is conducting the investigation, asks Lieutenant Cynthia, who has a better grasp of the Geraud file, to help him conduct the investigation. Despite the condition of her daughter weakened by sickle cell disease, Cynthia accepts the proposal of the agent Deschamps. The hunt for cybercriminals will go in all directions: lie; loyalty; revenge and tolerance are the leitmotifs of this 3rd season. Season 3 will be new because it will be shot in three countries: Ivory Coast, France and Morocco.

Behind the scene