B.r.i.c.o Club


In the area where they live, Clara, Ben, Li Mei and Matteo are really appreciated for their creativity. They are truly passionate with leisure activities and artwork. Together, they form the BRICO CLUB. Every day, the boys use their spare time to put tools together to play or to help others solve current problems. They use every occasions and materials to test their DIY “Do It Yourself” abilities. We can then learn how to re-structure a simple box or how the re-create a mini Olympic game at home, using a few pieces of string. From BRICO CLUB ideas and advices, all kids can make up to 52 objects or tool games, useful or simply beautiful. The four old friends live in the same area, go to school , play together, fight with each other, come to reconciliation, but what makes their personality, it is their passion for creativity.

Behind the scene