Au-Dela De Tout Soupçon


Despite the apparent harmony that reigns in her relationship, Chantal is rather unhappy since her husband Dago is totally disinterested in her. He devotes all his time to the "league", a mystical organization in which he invests himself fully at the expense of his wife, whom he no longer wants to feel. Worried about her husband's strange attitude, Chantal uses all means to restore the atmosphere of yesteryear. It is only a waste of time when faced with a husband enlightened by un-Catholic practices. Chantal is not alone because the same is true for the wives of the other members of the "League", dominated by the great mystical leader Bounaga. One day, Chantal comes to discover the terrible secret of this mystical organization. In the name of the pact signed, her husband Dago must do everything possible to avoid the disclosure of the said secret because it would be synonymous with forfeiture and death. What then will happen to the young woman?....

Behind the scene