Solano, he is a valiant and honest man, who suddenly loses his father under unusual circumstances on the banks of the Araguaia River. Estela is a seductive and mysterious Indian girl who hides a great secret, together with her grandfather as they are the last living descendants of one indigenous tribe and her mission is to fulfill the curse of her ancestors, by taking the life of Solano. When Estela and Solano meet in town, they will deeply fall in love. Even after discovering that his fate is marked by an ancient curse cast upon his Famille, he decides to stay in the region to live out his great passion with Estela and to stand up to the villain Max Martinez in defense of his land. The two lovers will have to challenge destiny to live out their passion and overcome the curse, but the romance will stumble upon several obstacles. A telenovela that spans generations with breathtaking natural scenery, Destiny River centers on a seemingly impossible romance. Nominee for the 2011 International Emmy Award in the Best Telenovela category and boasting a stellar cast, Destiny River is filled with mystery, beauty and drama.

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