Adams Apples


Adam’s Apples is a series of 10 episodes talking about 4 young women’s life members of Adams family. Doris is the mother of this family; she is fifty years old and a diplomat’s widow wife. This brave woman is a model for the society in which she lives. Indeed, Doris put her career on hold to focus on her husband and the education of her three daughters: Jennyfer, Kukua and Baaba. Today, Adam’s daughters are fulfilled women, independent and modern. Each of them has her own personality. Jennifer is the eldest at the head of a real estate agency. Kukua, the younger, works as Creative Director in a prestigious advertising agency. As for Baaba, the youngest, she is devoted to her husband and daughter. At first sight, the Adams are exemplary women ... but the reality is somewhat different. The mother’s life collapses when her diplomats’ women association asks her to engage in politics. But first of all, she has to confess to them the «forgotten skeletons in her closets.» Always considered as an exemplary woman, how can she go through and reveal the fact that 40 years earlier, she abandoned her son and nobody knows about this heavy secret.

Behind the scene