Under The Dome


Chester's Mill is a small town in the United States where people live peacefully. Yet, in late fall, the small town in Maine is inexplicably and brutally isolated from the rest of the world by an invisible force field: an invisible dome appears and encompasses the entire city. The inhabitants are trapped. No one can enter or leave the building. It's a panic attack. What is this transparent dome? Where did it come from? Will he leave? If so, when? The army seems unable to open a passage while resources inside Chester Mill are becoming scarce. From now on, the inhabitants will have to support each other to get through this ordeal. But the isolation from the outside world will put the community to the test. Indeed, Big Jim Rennie, an unscrupulous politician, sees the perfect opportunity to put the city under his control. A new social order ruled by terror settles in and the resistance is organized around Dale Barbara, a veteran of the war in Iraq and the new chef of the city's restaurant...

Behind the scene