Taximan Kpakpato


Taxis are the preferred means of travel for Africans and we are millions of travellers who rent the services of taxi drivers every day. Beyond the service provided and the sympathy of some drivers, we are often confronted with situations where the driver does not hesitate to invite himself into our conversations in a rather inappropriate way. Today, Taximan Kpakpato comes to denounce this scourge with humour and originality. Each episode will make you laugh so much that the taxi driver is in his role! He approaches the conversation in a rather polite and calm way, his serious air captures the attention of his passengers, he apologizes for starting and starts a rather muscular conversation with his customers. Often very aggressive verbally with a good dose of seriousness as if he were perfectly right, by giving his opinion on subjects that obviously do not interest him, the taximan does not lack air to impose his point of view!

Behind the scene