Fatima is a mixed Indian-African young adult who has just lost her estranged father to alcohol. She must make numerous trips to the hospital to get the death certificate. At the hospital, she meets Maria, a patient about the same age as her. Maria just sits there all bundled up in blood clotted bandages across her head and arms. Eventually she agrees to tell Fatima how she fell upon such disaster on one condition: Fatima must listen to the entire story. Then begins the tale of the area: the T-junction. Through Maria’s great orating skills, Fatima meets Chine, Shabani, Arbogast, Mama Maria, Mangi, Bhabhi and many others who spend their time and make a living around the T-junction. In Maria's story, Fatima finds love and rage, joy and sorrow, solace and loneliness. The two girls' relationship strengthens over the three days they spend together as they travel over peaks and valleys in Maria’s story. It resuscitates life in Fatima’s mundane existence through her tale as she becomes part of the T-Junction.

Behind the scene