Shagayas & Clarks


Shagayas & Clarks is a TV adaptation of the movie, The Visit. The Clarks live in a world of their own. Perfection and precision are their watch words. In the world of the Shagayas anything goes. When both couples find themselves as neighbours, both their worlds are upturned. Friend or Fiend, the rules of good neighbourliness are about to be broken. When Lanre and Ajiri take up a new lease as neighbours to Chidi and Eugenia, they hope for the usual. Ajiri and Lanre love pot, wild sex and good food. Their fights are passionate. Eugenia has rules. Life is meant to be in order. Sex is on a timetable, food has a rota and cleanliness is everything. Chidi has no choice, until the neighbours arrive. Who is a good neighbour? Where do you draw the line between superficial and genuine? What is your truth?

Behind the scene