Sa C Koi Sa C Koi Enkor


In Côte d'Ivoire, faced with a dilemma or an astonishing situation, the Ivorian often expresses his astonishment with the expression "what is this again? ». It is these situations that Ange Emmanuel Kouakou depicts through his series entitled "Sa C Koi Sa Enkor". Brilliantly performed by talented amateur actors Moses Ahouné, Wilfried Nanga and Jennifer Kissi. Centred around male and female relationships, the group SA C KOI SA ENKOR, comically brings to life all kinds of situations surrounding the daily life of couples' relationships; infidelity, frustrating situations, seduction techniques... Hilarious scenes, performed by talented amateur actors. "Sa C Koi Sa Enkor" is a program that appeals to young adults, who surely recognize themselves in the situations staged by the group.

Behind the scene