In 1557, the young Marie Stuart (Adelaide Kane), was named heir to the Scottish Crown at the death of her father when she was barely 6 years old. Following the English invasion, the young monarch was forced into exile in France, where she spent 9 years in the convent of Mont St Michel. Promised to Prince François, Marie left the convent at the age of 15 to enter the French court, accompanied by her best friends, Kenna, Greer, Aillie and Lola. She is determined to embrace her destiny. Upon her arrival in the French royal court, the young girl discovered that her future was not shaping up as she had expected. Her marriage is uncertain, she must secure at all costs the fragile alliance with France. Survive his mother-in-law's plots, avoid war with England and survive the dark and mysterious forces roaming the woods. Combative and determined, Marie will fortunately be able to count on the help of her friends.

Behind the scene