JIKULUMESSU tells a story of revenge in which love and hate, hope and despair, loyalty and betrayal walk side by side. In 1998 our hero meets the love of his life to lose everything soon after, and in 2014 he returns to seek justice. The story starts in Lubango in 1998 when Joel, a 17 year old boy, gets the greatest news: he has been admitted in one of the most respected colleges in Angola, the Santa Agnes International College. But what seemed to be a dream soon turns into a nightmare, with him becoming a victim of bullying by classmates and teachers, climaxing with his mother´s tragic death. It is in New York that Joel turns his fate around to become a rich man obsessed with every detail of his life plan: to take revenge of his enemies, one by one. In 2014, all of those who have hurt him in the past are well established in life, with their families and businesses... but everything will change on the day that Joel returns to Luanda to put his plan in action. However, this revenge will have its ups and downs... especially when Joel meets his sweetheart from the past in the city, Jamila. Will our hero surrender to love... or to hate?

Behind the scene