Irrational Heart - Passions Mortelles


This action filled, thrilling telenovela follows the fierce relationship of brothers Pedro and Leo. Good-natured Pedro is a pilot who is engaged to be married but falls in love with Marina during the high jacking of a plane. But they are unaware that Marina is actually an old college friend of Pedro’s fiancée, Luciana. When they find this out and decide to go separate ways an unpredictable series of events is unleashed. Pedro faces a period of recovery after being tried and arrested for a crime that will not go unpunished and Marina must put her feelings on hold even after he is freed. Unlike his brother Pedro, Leo is unscrupulous and greedy. His perpetual envy for his brother causes him to make irrational choices that involve stealing, cheating, and kidnapping. Before long, irrational actions transform two once-happy brothers into bitter rivals with Pedro demanding justice for Leo´s misconduct.

Behind the scene