Geração Brasil


Having the world at his feet was not enough. The technology guru Jonas Marra (Murilo Benício) achieved fame and fortune in Silicon Valley as the owner of Marra International, an IT conglomerate. He is married to Pamela Parker (Cláudia Abreu), the famous heiress of an American tycoon, and has become the stepfather of a spoiled willful young girl with a talent for trouble. Unexpectedly, Jonas announces that he is going to move the company’s headquarters and his Famille to Brazil. There, he plans to choose his successor by holding a competition for young Brazilians, who become excited with the opportunity. Among them are David (Humberto Carrao) and Manu (Chandelly Braz), who compete with each other and fall in love during the challenge. What could have driven this entrepreneur to make such a controversial decision? The answer lies in a secret guarded under lock and key that will cause surprising consequences for Jonas’s life.

Behind the scene