Fast & Furious


Dominic Toretto reigns supreme on the streets of Los Angeles at the head of a loyal team that shares his taste for risk, his passion for speed, his cult of cars propelled at over 250 km/h in urban rodeos. His days are devoted to tinkering with and revamping top-of-the-range models imported at great expense from Japan or Germany, to making them more efficient and more conspicuous, and to organizing illegal games during which dozens of applicants compete under the enamoured gaze of their groupies... Following several truck robberies by thieves operating in sports cars, the Los Angeles police decided to investigate the "Street racers" scene. A young police officer, Brian, is in charge of infiltrating Toretto's gang, which is the first suspect along with his rival, Johnny Tran. After passing the initiation tests, the policeman discovers a fascinating and dangerous world, which attracts him in spite of himself.... The friendship he forges with Dominic Toretto and his feelings for Mia soon force him to reconsider his own values and the purpose of his mission...

Behind the scene