This documentary suitable for children from the age of 5, as well as for all interested in the world of childhood, allows us to meet children from 33 countries and five continents. And through their drawings, we realise both how similar to others and how unique each child is. This visually and in terms of narrative refined film that takes us on a journey around the world by way of simple children’s drawings made by black marker on glass and white pencil on black paper. Film director Gilles Porte sets off to 33 countries on five continents and gives the children he meets a single task: they need to draw their self-portrait. Often too small to read and write, the children express in simple drawings what they find relevant. We can watch their faces transform from creative zeal to laughter, pensiveness and delight, as well as to embarrassment when lacking inspiration or frustration at a line they disapprove of. Their illustrations make us realise how similar to others, and yet also how unique, every single child is."It took me my whole life to draw like a child." Pablo Picasso

Behind the scene