Chiquinha Gonzaga


This telenovela is a succession of memories of Chiquinha Gonzaga at the end of her life, when she attends a performance of her life in the theatre. Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga, known as Chiquinha Gonzaga, is the daughter of a professional soldier, a white man from the local aristocracy and Rosa Maria de Lime, a poor Métis woman. Chiquinha received a very strict education like any military girl. Among all the things she was taught, she loved music and excelled at the piano. Although educated to become a lady of high society; Chiquinha was a dreamer and rebel, who rejected the role that 19th century Brazilian society played for women. It was with a broken heart that she decided to marry Jacinto, a man imposed on her by her father. Of course, her life as a married woman was most unfortunate. Chiquinha took refuge in music, playing the piano all day long. She then began to write her melodies and one of them was published. The success was immediate and he was offered to be a pianist in a living room. Thus began her extraordinary career as a musician-composer and she became Brazil's first female conductor.

Behind the scene