Africa Zapping


For more than 17 years, for the needs of our distribution activity, we have been monitoring the broadcasting of more than 150 African channels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This activity requires a permanent team of 14 freelancers. We have found that our freelancers take great pleasure in doing their jobs because they are exposed to the most memorable, crazy, funny, exciting, spontaneous, moving, sad in a word: the most striking of the region's channels. So we decided it was time to share these nuggets and that's how Africa Zapping was born. Comparable to a review of African television channels, Africa Zapping derives its originality from the raw images without commentary, from the creativity of their selection, from the editing which sometimes makes it possible to play on contrasts in order to highlight their originality, for example. In the end, it is a kind of daily barometer of the life and mood of our societies. An episode is produced every day of the week and can be delivered the next day. Also, a stock of 170 episodes already exists and can be broadcast in 13 or 26 minute programs.

Behind the scene