18 Hours


A rookie paramedic spends 18 hours in an ambulance for the life of a road crash victim who struggles to be admitted to any hospital. Zach works for Raven paramedics services. His job is to handle emergency cases. An emergency call comes in from a witness about an accident that along a Highway. A pedestrian has been involved in a high speed hit and run while on his way home from work.Assigned head of the rescue, Zach and his driver Mark dash out of their base and in about 20 minutes, they arrive at the scene. The casualty is bleeding from the head and not moving.Zach and Mark get the casualty into their ambulance and soon after, they are on their way to different hospitals. Joined by Sabina (the casualty victim’s wife), they each take turns watching over the casualty as they ensure he has sufficient oxygen all the time. Zack is determined to keep the accident victim alive, 18 hours after the accident”

Behind the scene