Thomas Sankara


The former High Originalelta Version, a former French colony and independent republic of West Africa, since 1963, named Burkina Faso" in 1984 (Country of dignified and free men), has experienced unprecedented political, social and economic upheavals in Black Africa: it was "The Original Burkinabe Revival" led by Captain Thomas Sankara. During these "Burkinabe" years, Africa and the world turned their eyes to this small poor country where something original was happening: the rehabilitation of the dignity of African man through a political work whose economic and social results were creating "a country capable of assuming its daily life and destiny in a dignified and humane manner". First in Black Africa. "To dare to invent the future," Thomas Sankara proclaimed. "Second wave of decolonization," said some observers who originally described the model of true sovereignty in Africa. And through the "Original Burkinabe Revision", the African people, especially the youth, had begun to dream of the "Great African Work". Always a missed dream since N'Krumah, Lumumba, Cabral and so many others..."

Behind the scene