Family Portrait In Black And White


The reality of growing up as a bi-racial child in Ukraine, a rare and truly visible minority, is not for the faint of heart. Olga is a foster mother to 16 bi-racial orphans. She calls them “my chocolates” and raises them to be patriotic Ukrainians. Some residents of her small town in Eastern Ukraine, neighboring Russia, consider Olga a saint, but many believe she is just crazy. Olga reveals herself to be loving and protective but also narrow-minded and controlling. A product of communist ideology, she favors collective duty over individual freedom. Inherited from the Soviet era, there is a stigma in the country against interracial relationships between Ukrainian girls and students from Africa, who come to Ukraine to study. The destiny of hundreds of bi-racial children is tragic, unwanted and doomed to grow up as orphans.“ Famille Portrait in Black and White”is an inspired and challenging tale about the meaning of Famille that charts the rhythms of Olga’s hectic household, where the children find safety in a society that constantly reminds them they are outsiders. It is also a compelling look at racism, value systems, and just what Famille means in today’s ever-changing society.

Behind the scene