Dama Y Obrero


Ignacia is a young engineer working at a large construction company, Omega Construction, which is owned by Tomas, her boyfriend. They spend much time together and, finally, decide to get married, but Ignacia misconceives the kind of person Tomas really is. Shortly before their wedding, they have a very strong fight in which Tomas tries to hit her, which makes Ignacia leave the town and take her time for reflection. This is, when she meets Pedro, a simple laborer without money and big aspirations, who makes her forget all her problems. The attraction between the two is immediate and mutual. They cannot avoid spending a memorable weekend together, which ends on a sunday afternoon. But Ignacia knows that, what she is experiencing is a dream, a parenthesis in her life. So when Pedro awakes on Monday morning, he finds a note at his side saying that Ignacia thanks him, and she is leaving without a trace. On Ignacia's return home, Tomas is awaiting her with the news the he is offering her a new position in his company, and is looking for her forgiveness. She agrees but gets surprised when she comes to the work place in her position of construction supervisor, to see Pedro as a worker at the construction site. Despite having every reason in the world not to be together, Ignacia and Pedro discover that their love persists over all prejudices, differences, rejection and the many, sometimes cruel, obstacles raised by others who want to see them apart.

Behind the scene