«Nad, last night I won two thousand rupees playing cards… I would like us to both bring a woman back to the house tonight… ». This is the start of this singular odyssey that will bring best-friends Mayi and Nad to travel all across Mauritius in search of women, but in fact in search of love. As they leave their village, Bénarès, and head to Port-Louis, they meet an old man, Jimi who knows the way to Port-Louis and offers to drive them in his pickup. Once in Port-Louis, Jimi introduces them to « Maman » a business-minded woman who offers the companionship of Mina and Zelda. On their way back to Bénarès, as the foursome hit the road, timidity flies and feelings slowly grow. They discover that they have lots in common and it turns out that these four young Mauritians are philosophers in their own way. The conversation turns to football, to love and the dream of a life in the world outside their hometowns, and to that other faraway Bénarès the sacred city in India. Strange crew, strange odyssey punctuated by the howling of dogs, cane fields, and the mysterious beauty of the Island.

Behind the scene