Amor Maior


Clara is the daughter of Laura, a strong woman that gets killed by her step sister, Francisca, the daughter of an unfaithful affair that her mother had in the past. Francisca seeks revenge and after killing Laura ends up marrying her husband: Clara’s father and step mothering the youngest kids. The youth cast is more than love, is Clara’s responsibility, loyal love and her life priority. She won’t give up on them… but she will have to give up on her passionate love for Manel, a young police investigator. They are now on opposite sides of the law. He hunts criminals; she became a criminal herself when got suddenly involved in a theft situation to help her younger brother. Francisca after marrying Clara’s father intends now to kill him and keep the fortune to herself. The fortune she feels she was entitled to all her life. Clara tries to warn everyone but she has a police record and no one believes her… not even her own father that kicks her out of home, making everything easier for the evil Francisca. Soon the manipulative psychiatrist Francisca will succeed in her purpose and as soon as Clara’s father dies, one of her younger sisters is missing and Francisca will also develop and obsessive love for Manel, Clara’s love. Our heroin will fight during a strong breathtaking story, to clean her police record, to save her sister and to gain her love... but it won’t be easy to make a strong and honest police investigator to believe in her

Behind the scene