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Côte Ouest - Mauritius Côte d'ivoire
BP 4715, Rue Viviane A23 Val Doyen Cocody
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Tel1.: (225) 22 48 76 00
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Email : contact@coteouest.ci
Côte Ouest - Côte d'ivoire




C訲E OUEST is an independent African company, leader in the distribution of audiovisual content in Africa. C訲E OUEST has been operating since 1993 and relies on a network of 93 collaborators across the continent.

With its headquarters located in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), the company also has an office in Eb鑞e City (Mauritius),and sales representation in Johannesburg (South Africa), Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya). Bernard Azria is one of the best marketing and communications specialists in French-speaking Africa. By creating C訲E OUEST, he has paved the way for a new business sector that was non-existent in this region.

Today, C訲E OUEST holds a yearly average of 18,000 hours of programming (FY2015). We provide content to about 155 TV channels, spread across over 75 African countries. C訲E OUEST started out providing sub-Saharan Africa with content from major Hollywood distributors such as SPTI, MGM, TWDC, CBS, etc, and rapidly expanded to French-speaking Africa, France and its overseas departments and territories.

Betting on audiences' warm response to South-American telenovelas, C訲E OUEST was a pioneer in their introduction on the aforementioned territories. The resulting buzz created by C訲E OUEST, a social phenomenon even, led to a collaboration with South-American giant Globo TV International. Today, C訲E OUEST is the sole distributor of all Globo TV programs in both French and English-speaking Africa. This partnership was recently extended to 2019.
Meanwhile, C訲E OUEST expanded its activity to the English market, on which the company's ever-growing presence made it a key figure.

Taking into account audiences' increasing demand of African content, C訲E OUEST, slowly but surely, worked on acquiring one of the largest catalogues of African content currently available on the market. Our library contains programs from all over the continent. Some of our titles are available in their original version, be it French, English or Portuguese languages. Furthermore, C訲E OUEST provides a dubbed version of African content, as well as telenovelas, in order to distribute them not only outside of their regions of origin, but also outside of the continent. Thus, enriched by 20,000 hours of content, our catalogue includes all types of programming: soaps, series, movies, documentaries, animation, etc., mostly made in Africa and South America, along with an ever-growing number of Hollywood blockbusters.




Africa has many talents, be it in Art, Literature, Music, and so on. Africa has contributed to the emergence of many talents worldwide and deserves a better place on the international scene. At C訲E OUEST, we believe the time has come for these talents to help bring forth Africa's dreams and ambitions.




Africa is also made up of a Diaspora of more than 200 million people, spread in every corner of the world. A diaspora that craves African content. The vibrancy of the audiovisual industry in Africa has been making way for the creation of quality work that can now claim their place in the programming of international TV channels. And so, our goal is to bring Africa beyond its borders.




Above all, we value Ethics, Honesty, Sincerity and Modesty. We are deeply committed to serving our customers who rely on us for the success of their channels, as well as producers who entrust us with their most prized possession.




International audiences' yearning for original content are turning to new markets from the South Hemisphere. We believe that great potential lies within the collaboration of the "South". A partnership that has yet to be truly developed. As a distributor, the added value brought by C訲E OUEST is to get off the beaten track and offer new opportunities that have yet to be tapped into. As such, and thanks to our expert assessment of the South American, African and Australian markets, we are able to position ourselves as a provider of content from the South.




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Bernard AZRIA
Bernard AZRIA
Chairman and CEO

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