Five months after the launch across French Speaking Africa of Nina TV the first French Novelas channel , Magic Movies is proud to announce the launch of its English twin sister on July 27th 2015 in the English Speaking African markets.

NINA TV English Channel will remain consistent to its positioning and offer 24/7 the very best of Telenovelas in a unique mix of Brazilian and African flavours , to all the African fans and lovers of the Genre.

NINA TV has secured exclusive access to the entire Globo TV Catalog, the leader and founder of the genre, whose telenovelas are having the greatest success for more than 25 years in Africa , success that has its foundation in the unique similarities and relationships that exist between African and Brazilian societies. This in addition to the well-known intrinsic qualities and unsurpassed productions values , that make Globo novelas unrivalled.

But NINA TV unique recipe for success , lies in its Afro – Brazilian personality that result from the precious blend of Globo content with the best African Telenovelas, whose quality is today unquestionable and sometimes sprinkled with great titles coming from other Latam countries.

Even the Fillers are unique and in house produced , include love horoscope, star interviews, fashion tips etc. NINA TV offers to viewers a diversified, rich and easy-to-remember schedule organized in six different thematic slots (Teen Novelas; African Novelas ; Classic Novelas ; Revenge , Action and Passion Novelas ) that rotate 5 times per day and organized in omnibus the weekend. Thus the fans of the genre will have access through NINA TV to 1 430 fresh hours the first year, and thereafter to 1 170 hours of vibrant intrigues, betrayals, passion, lies, and ultimately , Love… because Love is all we need.

NINA TV will be distributed by the 27th of July on diff erent platforms across the continent. For more information about this new TV Channel, please contact :

Olivia Kipré Dadié
Communication Manager Côte Ouest Audiovisuel
Tel: (+225) 22 48 76 00
Cel: (+225) 07 00 30 39