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19 May-2014

Africa at Cannes film festival

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Festival de CannesThe 14th until the 25 of May this year marks every wannabe film maker and story tellers dream destination. Africans such as myself, dream to one day walk down that red carpet dining and rubbing shoulders against some of the world’s most talented film makers. The 2014 Cannes film festival is the 67th annual film award ceremony that was founded in 1946 and will take place in France with the most spectacular line up of feature films, documentaries and short stories.

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11 Mar-2014

Women In Cinema

COTE OUEST AUDIOVISUEL Uncategorized one comment

women.jpgFrom Gabon to Kenya and Ethiopian, these African women are inspiring cinema and culture. With tales that play heavily on self, society and scholarship, the work of these women is more than just stories that they are taking on to show to the world, but like autobiographical shorts of their own lives while traversing their own creative passions. Peace Anyiam-Fibresima

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11 Feb-2014

Five African film Directors You Should Know !

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Five African film Directors You Should KnowSouleymane Cisse

Malian film director, Souleymane Cisse has a long and storied career in cinema. He studied film in Moscow and later retruned to Mali when it gained national independence in 1960. For more than thirty years, his films have told riveting stories, often of youth and a distressing social plight such as Cinq jours d’une vie (Five Days in a Life) about a young boy who quits school and becomes a thief, Den muso (The Girl), a mute girl who is raped and Finye (Wind) an unhappy youth who rises up against the government. His latest project, Tell Me Who You Are, released in 2009, was made in Mali and France and received a special screening at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.Currently, at age 73 with thirteen produced films ranging from shorts to features.

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04 Feb-2014

Great film schools in Africa

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Great film schools in AfricaAnyone can make a film. It’s not that complicated at all, however making a good film... that's a whole new ball game altogether. We can all tell stories, but telling stories well... is something else completely!
It's the reason why we have film schools, they are there to teach the basics on how to make a story work.

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17 Dec-2013

Who is Jehane Noujaim ?

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Jehane NoujaimJehane Noujaim. For many within the cultural land of art and philosophy, the name is familiar. She is popularly known as a documentary film director, raised dually in Kuwait and Cairo, although born in America’s Washington D.C. Noujaim’s formative education took the kind of determined track that one would associate with visionary set on creating just that, her own visions. Her training began at the famed coed and independent prep school, Milton Academy. Thereafter, she stayed in Massachusetts and attended Harvard, the private Ivy League university which is also the oldest institution of higher education in the United States.

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09 Nov-2013

Côte Ouest Audiovisuel website renewed!

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refonte.jpgSince Monday, November 4th, 2013, COTE OUEST AUDIOVISUEL’s web site has a new face with enriched Catalogue, livened up Heading and well developed Sections. Through this relooking, the leader in the distribution of broadcasting rights express one more time its willingness to put Producers, Television channels and Professional of Audiovisual into a strong partnership relation in order to manage effectively and efficiently their rights.

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