10 Mar-2014

Five African Plays Worth Watching

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five.jpgAn off-Broadway New York play tackles Zimbabwe’s despotic President Robert Mugabe in the play Breakfase with Mugabe. Written by Fraser Grace and directed by David Shookhoff, Breakfase with Mugabe taking as prisoners those who do not agree with his ideas. A play that is inspired by accounts of the Presidents life, the nearly two-hour play shows Mugabe at home, with an invisible audience and seeking treatment from a white psychiatrist. Breakfase with Mugabe is as much a study of the human psyche as it is into the physical and mental effects of politics. The cast includes Che Ayende, Exra Barnes, Rosalyn Coleman and Michael Rogers playing title character Robert Mugabe. Playing at Theatre Row’s Lion Theatre from Jan 2014- Mar 2, 2014

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18 Dec-2013

African stories told by Americans

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African stories told by AmericansI love African films, I truly do. I love the intricate and yet simple stories that countries such as South Africa and its people have to tell. The events that have transpired over the years make the SA film industry a treasure just waiting to be dug up. There is a deep wealth in our history's untold stories hidden deep in the country’s archives and memory embedded in the thoughts of its people. The rich and often painful history that makes the texture of each film that is made makes me proud to live in this amazing country.

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06 Nov-2013

Did you see "Lee Daniels The Butler" movie ?

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majordome_1.jpgTaking inspiration from an article by Wil Haygood in The Washington Post about the life of Eugene Allen, who worked as a butler in the White House during eight presidential administrations, Lee Daniels The Butler tells the story of an African-American steward who worked under eight presidents (Truman through Reagan).

The movie stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, an unassuming man who witnesses history close-up at a time when a new chapter seems to be written daily. The story begins with Cecil as a boy working on a cotton plantation, where his employer teaches him how to serve white folks. Years pass, and Cecil lands a job at a ritzy D.C. hotel, where his white-gloved obsequiousness grabs the attention of a White House aide, who hires him.

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