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04 Feb-2014

Great film schools in Africa

Poppy Vilakazi Uncategorized no comment

Great film schools in AfricaAnyone can make a film. It’s not that complicated at all, however making a good film... that's a whole new ball game altogether. We can all tell stories, but telling stories well... is something else completely!
It's the reason why we have film schools, they are there to teach the basics on how to make a story work.

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20 Dec-2013

5 African films worth watching in 2014

Chermelle Edwards Reviews 4 comments

pearls of africaA look into the horizon of upcoming films is like anticipating a cultural feast. In 2014 five films from the countries of Nigeria, Sudan via America, Kenya and Tanzania form a repertoire of cinema. With themes of family, love, race, patriotism and these five should belong on the consummate filmgoer’s radar. Directed by Sharon Agina – who is also one of its writers - and Dapne Cayo, Pearls of Africa, set in Kenya in the latter part of 1980, tells the story of a woman and man whose love for one another is strong enough to unite them, but faces separation because of others hate and prejudice. The drama traverses familiar territory of love, race and ideas while set in the area of Nairobi and plains of Kenya. Its main protagonists are Lizz Njagah, Kevin Leslie and Neil Reidman and are sure to incite complex conversation for viewers.

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06 Nov-2013

Did you see "Lee Daniels The Butler" movie ?

COTE OUEST AUDIOVISUEL Opinions no comment

majordome_1.jpgTaking inspiration from an article by Wil Haygood in The Washington Post about the life of Eugene Allen, who worked as a butler in the White House during eight presidential administrations, Lee Daniels The Butler tells the story of an African-American steward who worked under eight presidents (Truman through Reagan).

The movie stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, an unassuming man who witnesses history close-up at a time when a new chapter seems to be written daily. The story begins with Cecil as a boy working on a cotton plantation, where his employer teaches him how to serve white folks. Years pass, and Cecil lands a job at a ritzy D.C. hotel, where his white-gloved obsequiousness grabs the attention of a White House aide, who hires him.

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06 Nov-2013

Mandela -Long way to freedom at the TIFF


mandela.jpgThe film Mandela : Long way to Freedom had its first international screening at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on September 7.

Audience was totally moved by the movie and at the end of the screening, there was a eight-minute standing ovation ! The movie produced by Anant Singh presents the life of Nelson Mandela. His story is truly inspirinf. Born to be a Xhosa leader, he was trained in law, then drawn into resistance, then politics. Nelson Mandela has lived an extraordinary life.

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